Community Plan

CHILD LURES PREVENTION offers community resources that, when used collectively, create a comprehensive community outreach plan to prevent crimes against children and teens. Collaboration with local law enforcement, educators, child advocates and the news media maximizes a community's prevention education efforts. It also sends a strong message to offenders that crimes against our youngsters will not be tolerated.

School Resources

Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program, a comprehensive, research-based program.

  • The School Program addresses sexual abuse & exploitation, online and offline, as well as abduction, Internet safety, drugs, bullying, harassment, and other forms of school violence
  • Age appropriate safety skills for Grades K-2, 3-6 and Grades 7-12
  • Also includes: complimentary web resources, including classroom posters, PowerPoint presentations, K-2 student handouts and parent resources
  • Peer Teaching Opportunities for Middle and High School students
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Student Workbook

  • The Student Workbook is for Grades 3-6
  • Follows along with each classroom lesson's key points & safety tips
  • Prevention tip & activity on each page
  • Available for take-home

Teen Lures TV Newscast

  • The Teen Lures TV Newscast is for Middle and High School students
  • Student Anchor led newscasts, with video News Clips
  • Includes corresponding Classroom Lesson Plans

Parent Handbook

  • The Parent Handbook is for parents/caregivers of teens & young adults (Grades 7-12+)
  • Serves as parent complement to the Teen Lures TV Newscast/Classroom Lesson Plans
  • Addresses tough issues facing teens today, including relational aggression, peer-to-peer exploitation, sexual violence and self-exploitation
  • Based on very latest findings of experts in these fields

In-Service Training Seminars

  • For educators, law enforcement, social & health services, and other community advocates for children
  • Motivates school officials to implement the Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program and prepares community stakeholders to support the program.
  • Leaves attendees educated, prepared and optimistic
  • For additional information or scheduling, please contact us.

"Your Child Lures Prevention seminar made a lasting impression on Corinth, Mississippi. I have had so many teachers, counselors, and parents tell me that your seminar was the best program our community has ever had. The seminar was approved for continuing education, as well as for schoolteachers, nurses, and EMS CEU's. Our community feels so fortunate to have hosted your program!"

- Kim Williams, President,
Junior Auxiliary of Corinth, Inc.

Parent Resources

Parent Guide

  • The Parent Guide is an invaluable home link to the Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program
  • Includes: Explaining the Concept of Law, Grooming Behaviors, What to Do If Grooming or Sexual Abuse is Suspected, What to do if Your Child Discloses Sexual Abuse, Family Online Safety Pact, What to Do If Your Child is Missing and the 16 Child Lures categories and Prevention Strategies
  • Available in English, Spanish, Polish & Braille

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Community Awareness & Prevention Seminar

  • This seminar provides parents and the community-at-large with relevant information on a comprehensive community approach to preventing crimes against children and youth.
  • Discloses specific, proven strategies for parents to keep their children safe.
  • Praised for its positive approach, this seminar urges attendees to keep things in perspective, stressing that crimes against children and teens are largely preventable.
  • For additional information or scheduling, please contact us.

Media Resources

TV News Series

  • For broadcast on local network television
  • Each 90-second News Insert introduces a lure routinely used by predatory criminals, then demonstrates prevention techniques
  • Has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of families throughout the viewing area.
  • May also be aired on cable or closed-circuit television

Teen Lures TV Newscast

  • Teens talking to teens about tough issues
  • Intended for use on schools' closed circuit television or live classroom presentations (that may be videotaped)
  • Student newscasts can also be broadcast on local cable public access/educational television

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