Ken Wooden on
Dateline NBC

These kids are well-versed on what to do when someone asks for their assistance. Think First & Stay Safe™ teaches kids about staying safe with people they know and trust - as well as those they don't.

Ken Wooden on
Dateline NBC

While over 90% of all sexual crimes are committed by someone known to the victim, learning a lesson or two about answering the door and letting someone into your home can also help keep kids safe.

Think First & Stay Safe™ Students Help Catch Fugitive Sex Offender!

A "Most Wanted Sex Offender" was placed in custody after students in Thorsby, Alabama used strategies they'd learned two days earlier during Think First & Stay Safe™ to assist in his apprehension.

Meet A Couple of the Good Folks Behind Child Lures & Teen Lures Prevention

Meet Rosemary Webb (Co-President) and Ken Wooden (President Emeritus) as they explain how Child and Teen Lures Prevention came about, and how the Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program can help kids in your community stay safe. You'll also meet students and educators currently using the Teen Lures TV Newscast.

Child Sexual Abuse Far More Prevalent than Child Abduction

Jennifer Wooden Mitchell (Co-President, Child/Teen Lures Prevention) gives parents advice on how best to help protect their children from sexual exploitation and criminal abduction. Jennifer discusses the fact that child sexual abuse is far more prevalent than child abduction Ð in the face of a staged abduction of a seven year-old girl.

Personal Safety Education Works!

Veteran teacher Barbara Manzon dispels the myth that personal safety program frighten children. She discusses how positively students respond to the Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program and how extremely thankful her students are that she's been teaching the program for over 10 years.

Internet Safety Taught Throughout Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program

To ensure students are safe online as well as offline, online safety is comprehensively addressed throughout the Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program.

Community Plan Collaboratively Prevents Crimes Against Children

Ms. Leeza Gibbons (TV Personality, Alzheimer's Activist and Caring Mom) discusses why she wholeheartedly supports Child Lures Prevention's Community Plan.

Emmy Award-Winning Town Hall Meeting

Ken Wooden and Allison Rosati (NBC5 Chicago News Anchor) give an overview of their televised Smart Choices/Safe Kids: A Child Lures Prevention Town Hall Meeting.

Ken Wooden and Katie Couric:
Child Safety in Today's World

In this Today Show segment, Ken and Katie dispel the myth of Stranger/Danger. They keep the issue of child abduction in perspective while providing parents and children with specific safety strategies to prevent all types of child exploitation.

Peer Teaching in Action!

Good Morning America showcases ninth-graders as they Peer Teach the Think First & Stay Safe™ School Program to elementary students in Lubbock, Texas. In their first year of peer teaching, the school documented 5 children who avoided exploitation as a direct result of learning the program from older students.

"One of her Most Important Shows Ever."

On this Oprah show, Ken Wooden demonstrates how easily children can be lured into abuse and abductionÉin less than 32 seconds. Oprah has long touted this as "one of her most important shows ever." (Video clip from Oprah's 20th Anniversary Collection of her best shows.)

ABC Primetime Live:
How to be Safe in America

Sexual offenders know the best tactics (Lures) to prey on children. Child Safety Expert Ken Wooden know the Lures too. He researched them and developed America's premier child safety program, Think First & Stay Safe™. Ken shares his safety tips with parents and children.

Inside Edition:
Online Safety

Always on the cutting edge of threats facing youngsters, Ken Wooden was the first child safety expert to address online safety. His sage advice to kids and parents continues to be valid.

Overwhelming Viewer Response:
Bring Ken Back!

Ken Wooden's appearance of ABC's Home Show was so successful and informative, that an unprecedented number of viewers called and asked the show to have Ken back the next day. Watch Ken teach a studio audience of children a variation of the Assistance Lure.