Grades 3-6 Success Stories

“Outstanding program! The lesson plans are perfectly geared toward the age groups of the kids. They actually enjoy the sessions, and the parents always come up to me afterwards to comment on how great the program is. Thank you!”

– Ken Morrison,
St. Dunstan’s Roman Catholic Church; Glastonbury, Connecticut

“Round Rock Independent School District wishes to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to Child Lures Prevention. Your efforts to prevent child abuse and exploitation are well received by our community. Our district first began using your materials in 1994 in each of the seventeen elementary campuses and 3300 students. We now offer Child Lures Prevention programs on each of our twenty six elementary campuses where over 5000 students in Grades 2-5 receive Child Lures Prevention instruction yearly. I have received wonderful praises about Child Lures Prevention and look forward to the continued implementation of this award-winning program in the future.”

– Victor C. Woods, Jr., SDFSC Coordinator
Round Rock ISD; Rock Rock, Texas

“Last October, Miss Illinois Lauren Allen, came to our school and delivered three Child Lures Prevention presentations to our students. It worked well today. A fifth grade girl was leaving a skating party at 4:00pm when she was confronted by two men in a van with dark tinted windows. They asked her if she needed a ride. Because of your training, she began back-peddling away from the van. At almost the same time, her teacher noticed her actions, jumped into her car and drove quickly toward the van. The van left quickly and the teacher gave the girl a ride home. Quick thinking and awareness probably saved this youngster’s life. The student credits the Child Lures Prevention training for her actions. We have talked to the police and given a full report and I have talked to each and every class about this close call. I thought you would like to know that your program definitely made a difference. Keep up the great work!”

– Larry Bequeaith, Superintendent
Tonica Grade School, Illinois

“This is an extremely valuable tool in teaching our kids to protect themselves. Sometimes as a parent it is hard to find the correct word or scenarios to make our children aware of these dangers without making it sound like they should trust no one. The Child Lures Prevention Program teaches them how to be alert and cautious without being afraid of everyone. It gives me a lot of comfort knowing that people who are experienced and educated in this area are teaching our children how to protect themselves. As a parent I would love to be able to protect my child from dangers 24/7, but we all know that’s not realistic. I’m glad you arm my child with tools to help him to help himself. It gives me great peace of mind. Please keep this valuable program going, for our children’s safety and for ours. Thank you for caring about my child and our community’s children.”

– Parent,
Mattawan Early Elementary School; Mattawan, Michigan

“The Camden County School System will start to use ‘Child Lures Prevention’ for the 2006-2007 school year. After a presentation for the parents of this community, most could not wait until the program is kicked off in the school system. They were surprised by the way sexual predators try to gain confidence in children. I believe the money spent for the Child Lures Prevention program was money well spent in preparing our children with the vast knowledge they will gain from this program.”

– Sheriff William E. Smith,
Camden County Georgia

“When I was a little girl, Ken Wooden came to my elementary school, All Saints Episcopal School in Lubbock, Texas, and spoke to us. Then, the ninth graders of the school went around to other elementary schools talking about the program and keeping kids safe. As an adult and a law student in St. Petersburg, Florida, I am constantly reminded of the necessity of the Child Lures Prevention program. In the last year, several children have been exploited, abducted and murdered in the area, and I would like to see about the feasibility of having law students go out and speak to elementary students, just as the ninth graders at All Saints did. I see a huge need for young adults to go out to schools and speak to children about being safe, saying no, and telling their parents or teachers when they are being inappropriately touched or approached.”

– Katherine Hurst, Law Student
St. Petersburg, Florida

“In the ten years that we have used Child Lures Prevention’s School Program, I have seen the benefits of ensuring that every child receives the same information. When I have to interview a child regarding specific dangers or lures, it is helpful to be on the same page and use the same vocabulary that the children have been taught. We do not wish to be in the business of teaching children about the dangers that lurk in the big world for them. However, the statistics are frightening regarding abduction, sexual abuse and now Internet predators. Pro-actively providing children information and teaching them skills of what to say and what to do in these situations in imperative.”

– Derek Drew Wheaton, Early Elementary Principal
Mattawan Consolidated Schools; Mattawan, Michigan