Grades 3-6 Program Specifics

The Think First & Stay Safe™ Youth Curriculum (with Adult Training Modules) includes Lesson Plans, Activities and Resources for Grades PreK-6.

Program Specifics for Grades 3-6:  A Quick Review of Think First & Stay Safe Cornerstone Concepts reinforces the importance of treating one another with kindness and respect, the foundation of all healthy relationships. Abusers are usually someone known to the child, including family members and peers. Students recall that crimes like bullying, harassment and sexual abuse are against the law and can be reported to a Trusted Adult; All Secrets Can Be Told.

In Grades 3-6, students also learn how to recognize and evade the Child Lures commonly used to groom and abuse youngsters, online and offline. Using critical thinking skills, they practice avoidance and refusal strategies in class discussions and practice scenarios.

  • Grade 3: Quick Review & (5) Lures Lessons: Affection Lure, Be Kind/No Bullying, Assistance Lure, Pet Lure and Authority Lure.
  • Grade 4: Quick Review & (6) Lures Lessons: Emergency, Games, Name, Friendship, Threats & Weapons and e-Lures.
  • Grade 5: Quick Review & (5) Lures Lessons: Affection, Bullying/Cyberbullying/Harassment, Bribery, Ego/Fame and Hero Lures.
  • Grade 6: Quick Review & (5) Lures Lessons: Job, Threats & Weapons, Pornography, Drugs and e-Lures.

FAQs: Grades 3-6

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Parental Involvement

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A Trusted & Time-Tested Safety Education Solution

Each school year, Child Lures Prevention/Teen Lures Prevention is proud to reach over a million students via our partners, including:

  • 7000+ Schools & Districts in 43 States
  • 475 Faith-Based Organizations in 30 States
  • 160 Civic Groups in 26 States
  • 100+ Law Enforcement Agencies in 37 States
  • 50 Hospitals in 22 States
  • 46 Military Bases in 20 States & 6 Foreign Countries
  • 40 Child Advocacy Centers
  • 29 Government Agencies in 21 States

“Outstanding program! The lesson plans are perfectly geared toward the age groups of the kids. They actually enjoy the sessions, and the parents always come up to me afterwards to comment on how great the program is. Thank you!”

– Ken Morrison,
St. Dunstan’s Roman Catholic Church; Glastonbury, CT

Grades 3-4 & 5-6 Program Specifics

The Lesson Plans

Grades 3-4 curriculum consists of 7 Cornerstone Lesson Plans and 11 Lures Lesson Plans.
Grades 5-6 curriculum consists of 7 Cornerstone Lesson Plans and 10 Lures Lesson Plans.

(Note: If the Cornerstone Lesson Plans have already been presented to students in earlier grades, present the Quick Review of the seven Cornerstone Lessons and then begin the grade appropriate Lesson Plans.) The 11 Lures Lessons are presented incrementally to build knowledge and understanding.

Each Lesson Plan includes an introduction, learning objectives, a quick review of the previous lesson, discussion and interactive classroom activities, corresponding Student Workbook activity and lesson recap. Lesson Plans conclude with a Positive Thinking Skill, in an effort to leave students feeling optimistic after discussing a serious topic.

Cornerstone Lesson Plans for Grades 3-4:

  • Using My Built-In Computer: Staying Healthy & Safe
  • People Are Like the Weather: Being Kind and Respectful
  • Child Luring: Treat it Like a Fire Drill
  • Laws Help Protect Me: My Body Belongs to Me
  • All Secrets Can Be Told: Listening to My Instincts
  • The Kindness of Strangers: Choosing Who Helps Me
  • My Dignity: Bullying and Abuse are Not My Fault

Lures Lesson Plans for Grades 3-4:

  • Affection Lure: Safe and Healthy Boundaries
  • Be Kind, No Bullying!
    • Promoting Tolerance
    • Bullying Prevention
  • Assistance Lure, Pet Lure, Authority Lure, Emergency Lure, Games Lure, Name Lure, Friendship Lure, Threats & Weapons Lure
  • e-Lure/Digital Citizenship

Cornerstone Lesson Plans for Grades 5-6:

  • Critical Thinking: An Effective Safety Tool
  • People Are Like the Weather: Being Kind and Respectful
  • Child Luring: Telling My Trusted Adults
  • Laws Help Protect Me: Our Right to Live Abuse-Free
  • All Secrets Can Be Told: Listening to My Instincts
  • The Kindness of People: Choosing Who Helps Us
  • My Dignity: Bullying and Abuse are Not My Fault

Lures Lesson Plans for Grades 5-6:

  • Affection Lure: Safe and Healthy Boundaries
  • Bullying, Cyberbullying and Harassment
  • Bribery Lure, Ego/Fame Lure, Hero Lure, Job Lure, Threats & Weapons Lure, Pornography Lure
  • Drug Lure
  • e-Lure/Digital Citizenship

Student Workbook for Classroom Use: 
The Student Workbook is both an excellent in-class teaching aid and a take-home resource for student review. Developed specifically for Grades 3-6, this attractive, easy-to-read publication follows each Lesson Plan and is full of engaging illustrations and fun-to-complete activities - including word jumbles, crosswords, and invaluable safety tips. 20 pp, color illustrated.

View Workbook Samples Pages for Grades 3-6:
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Program Evaluation:

  • Final Review (Pre and Post Test)

View Sample Scripted Classroom Lesson Plan

View Sample Page "Affection Lure" from Student Workbook

View Grades 3-4 Classroom Poster Series:
English | ⇓ Spanish

  • Think First & Stay Safe!
  • My Body Belongs to ME!
  • Be Kind Online.
  • All Secrets Can Be Told.
  • Stay Three Steps Back!
  • Trust Your Gut Feelings.
  • There's No Lost Puppy!

View Grades 5-6 Classroom Poster Series:
English | ⇓ Spanish

  • Kids Have the Right to Be Safe
  • Be a Good Digital Citizen
  • Exclusion Hurts
  • Trust Your Gut
  • All Secrets Can Be Told
  • No Threats. (No Kidding!)
  • Intolerance is Intolerable.
  • Sober = Safer
  • No Weapons; No Exceptions.


  • Master Personal Safety & Decision Making Skills, as relates to National Health Education Standards
  • Identify Safe Environments & Individuals
  • Self Management and Asking for Help
  • Reporting Abuse and/or Harassment
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Raise Self-Esteem
  • Increase Self-Reliance
  • Practice Interpersonal Communication Skills

Grade Levels

Grades 3-4 and 5-6


  • Intro/Quick Review
  • Learning Objectives
  • Discussion/Interactive Learning/(PowerPoint Presentation optional)
  • Classroom Activity
  • Practice Scenarios
  • Student Handout for class use and take-home
  • Posters
  • Lesson Recap
  • Positive Thinking Skills

Evaluating Your Program (Pre/Post Tests Included)

Pre and Post Tests for Grades 3-4 and Grade 5-6 are provided to formally gauge student progress and retention of the Think First & Stay Safe™ lesson plans. Prior to program presentation, the Student Evaluation should be administered as at Pre-Test. It should also be administered following completion of the program as a Post-Test.

Educational Goals

  • To establish an understanding that most people are kind, safe individuals who want to help keep kids healthy and safe.
  • Generate an understanding of healthy and respectful family and social relationships.
  • Promote tolerance for, and celebration of, the differences in one another.
  • Encourage empathy and mutual respect by honoring each child's individuality and worth.
  • Promote the message that it is the responsibility of adults to keep kids safe.
  • Identify Trusted Adults at home and at school from whom students can ask for help.
  • Assure children their body belongs to them; they have a right to set and defend personal boundaries.
  • Set an expectation for responsible behavior when using technology.
  • Assure students that rules and laws exist to help keep children healthy and safe.
  • Advise students that bullying, cyberbullying, harassment and all forms of abuse (physical, emotional and sexual) are against school rules and against the law.
  • Generate an understanding that kids have rights too, including a right to live free of harm.
  • Provide strategies for managing interpersonal conflict and emotional distress in nonviolent ways.
  • Give children strategies for coping with bullying of self and others, in a safe manner.
  • Promote disclosure of any type of abuse or threat to a child's health and safety.
  • Develop an understanding for children that All Secrets Can Be Told, including those they've been keeping for a long time or have been threatened not to tell.
  • Emphasize that crimes like bullying, cyberbullying, physical abuse and sexual abuse are never the fault of the victimized child.
  • Assure students that help is available for children having thoughts of mistreating others.
  • Establish that drug/alcohol use is unhealthy, unsafe and increases risk of crime victimization.
  • Create awareness that communication with parents and other trusted adults is vital to child safety.
  • Encourage students to perform acts of kindness every day to make our world a better place for all.

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