Research-Based & Evidence-Based
Sexual Abuse Prevention Curricula:

Think First & Stay Safe™ and Teen Lures TV Newscast™ were presented as model initiatives at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Read statement: "Preventing Sexual Abuse of Children: An Educational Toolbox." 

For 35 years, Child Lures Prevention/Teen Lures Prevention has been dedicated to preventing all forms of child & teen victimization by teaching educators, administrators, parents/guardians, students and community members to recognize, interrupt, stop and report inappropriate behaviors and situations.

Think First & Stay Safe™ (PreK-6) Adult Training and Youth Curriculum, America's leading classroom-based child personal safety program, is research-based, evidence-based and PROVEN to be effective in teaching PreK, K and elementary school children (Grades 1-6) how to stay healthy and safe.

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Teen Lures TV Newscast School Program™ (Gr 7-12)
for Grades 7-12 allows teenagers to actively participate in student-led newscasts addressing healthy relationships in an effort to prevent sexual assault, harassment, dating violence, sexting, bullying/cyberbullying, identity theft, online luring, suicide, human trafficking and more.

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Think First & Stay Safe Adult Training and Youth Curriculum, for Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention

Teaching elementary students essential personal safety skills with a positive, non-threatening approach, which preserves the innocence and optimism of childhood.

Teen Lures TV Newscast School Program for Sexual Assault Prevention

The middle and high school edition: teaching tweens and teens about healthy relationships and prevention of harassment, sexual assault and other personal safety issues facing teens today.

Parent Resources To Help Keep Children & Teens Safe

Including the original Think First & Stay Safe™ Parent Guide - heralded by educators and police as the ultimate resource for protecting youngsters from child sexual abuse, bullying and online threats. The Let's Talk Teens parent handbook encourages conversations between parents/guardians and teens.

A Trusted & Time-Tested Solution

Child Lures Prevention/Teen Lures Prevention is proud to reach hundreds of thousands of students annually via our partners, including:

  • 7000+ Schools & Districts in 43 States
  • 475 Faith-Based Organizations in 30 States
  • 160 Civic Groups in 26 States
  • 100+ Law Enforcement Agencies in 37 States
  • 50 Hospitals in 22 States
  • 46 Military Bases in 20 States & 6 Foreign Countries
  • 40 Child Advocacy Centers
  • 29 Government Agencies in 21 States

“Outstanding program! The lesson plans are perfectly geared toward the age groups of the kids. They actually enjoy the sessions, and the parents always come up to me afterwards to comment on how great the program is. Thank you!”

– Ken Morrison,
St. Dunstan’s Roman Catholic Church; Glastonbury, CT

A Balanced Approach

Think First & Stay Safe is the original child victimization prevention program -- adopted by thousands of schools and school districts across America and around the world. The program offers a balanced perspective that preserves as much of the innocence and optimism of childhood as possible, while helping children and teens stay safe from sexual abuse, molestation, harassment, luring, abduction, drugs and bullying/cyberbullying.

This is accomplished through:

  • Emphasizing every child's right to live free of abuse
  • Promoting healthy social relationships
  • Nurturing mutual kindness and respect
  • Setting personal and digital boundaries
  • Teaching age-appropriate Child Lures and practicing proven prevention strategies
  • Identifying trusted adults
  • Upholding a zero tolerance environment in which harassment & abuse are openly discussed and disclosed

Preview the Programs

You can preview Think First & Stay Safe™ and/or Teen Lures TV Newscast™ curriculum kit(s) for your school or organization for 30-60 days with no obligation to buy. Contact us today for references and more information.

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