Preventing Child Sexual Abuse, Child Molestation & Abduction

Child Lures® Prevention is proud to offer America's leading child personal safety program: Think First & Stay Safe is research-based and PROVEN to be effective in safeguarding kids of all ages from child molestation, child sexual abuse, child luring and abduction.

For over 30 years, we'e been dedicated to preventing all forms of child victimization by teaching families, educators, professionals and other community members to recognize, interrupt and report inappropriate behaviors and situations.

PreK-6 Child Molestation Prevention School Program

Teaching elementary students essential safety with a non-frightening approach which preserves the innocence and optimism of childhood.

Grades 7-12 Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program

The middle and high school editions: teaching tweens and teens to avoid molestation, luring & abduction with age-appropriate, non-scary lessons.

Molestation Prevention Guide For Parents & Family

The original Think First & Stay Safe™ child sexual abuse prevention guide - heralded by educators and police as the ultimate resource for protecting kids.

A Balanced Approach

Think First & Stay Safe is the original child victimization prevention program -- adopted by thousands of schools and school districts across America and around the world.

The program offers a balanced perspective that preserves as much of the innocence and optimism of childhood as possible, while helping children and teens stay safe from sexual abuse, molestation, harassment, luring, abduction, drugs and bullying/cyberbullying.

This is accomplished through:

  • Emphasizing every child's right to live free of abuse
  • Promoting healthy social relationships
  • Nurturing mutual kindness and respect
  • Setting personal and digital boundaries
  • Teaching age-appropriate Child Lures and practicing proven prevention strategies
  • Identifying trusted adults
  • Upholding a zero tolerance environment in which harassment & abuse are openly discussed and disclosed

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You can preview Child Lures Prevention educational materials for your school or organization for 30-60 days with no obligation to buy. Contact us today for references and more information.